Beca Potencial Perú

The social responsibility program, Beca Potencial Perú (“Peruvian Potential” Scholarship), benefits young people with academic, artistic or athletic potential from public schools or emerging sectors by co-funding their university or technical education at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola or the Institute of Entrepreneurs respectively.

A co-funding formula is used, whereby USIL (40%), a sponsor (40%) and the recipient’s family (20%) contribute to provide the student access to higher education.

Through Beca Potencial Perú:

  • We support higher education and young talent.
  • We promote equal opportunity for young people wishing to gain access to higher education.
  • We join efforts with companies, organizations and individuals to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4): Quality education.

Committed to education:

A partnership established between Sinfonía por el Perú (SPP/Symphony for Peru), the CMO Group and the USIL Education Corporation in July 2018 allows 25 young musicians from SPP to study Music at USIL through the Beca Potencial Perú program.

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