Occopata, the rural community with which we have been carrying out the USIL Education Corporation’s social responsibility program since May 2018, is located 40 minutes from the city of Cusco, at 4,000 masl.

The objective of this university social service model is to contribute to comprehensive community development from a multidisciplinary perspective, with the participation of all of our educational units and institutional pillars: sustainability, globalization, entrepreneurship and research and development.

Occopata in numbers

* 97.79% have no access to telecommunications
* 41.70% chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years of age
* 64.40% anemia in children under 3 years of age
* 28.18% illiterate (over 15 years old)
* 68.04% live in multidimensional poverty
* 75.66% are in vulnerable employment
* 85.19% inadequate combustion and stove without fireplace

9 lines of action

A. Production
B. Turism
C. Health
D. Education
E. Infrastructure
F. Environment
G. Culture
H. Governance
X. Support

Occopata Living Lab

Projects carried out:

Reto de Limpieza (Trash Challenge) in Occopata with the participation of the community, international student volunteers, administrative staff and Santiago District City Hall to clean and encourage adequate waste management and environmental protection.

Incorporation of the entrepreneurial spirit among women weavers of Occopata, promoting their formation of an association, teamwork and search for new products and markets.

Generation of a proposed graphic commercial identity for the community designed by Fundación Gabarrón, as a result of an art workshop with children from the community.

Advocacy with local government for the construction of 54 greenhouses in the community.

Circuit of houses painted with designs as a joint project with the Art and Design degree program.

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