Every year, all of our educational units hold a Sustainable Week, the purpose of which is to provide spaces for information and reflection about sustainability, with active participation among students, faculty and employees.

Sustainable WEEK 2019

The central them of Sustainable Week 2019 was Sustainable Development Goal 12, “Responsible Consumption and Production,” from the UN 2030 Agenda, in order to communicate the importance of responsible production and consumption of the planet’s resources for the social, environmental and economic sustainability of our environment. Over the course of five days, the USIL community participated in innovative workshops, discussing topics such as the importance of bamboo as a sustainable construction material, culinary recycling and leadership in sustainability.

Sustainable WEEK 2018

The purpose of Sustainable Week 2018 was to present the USIL Education Corporation’s new Sustainability pillar, holding activities that strengthened USIL students and employees’ sense of belonging through innovative hands-on experiences with a sustainability approach. The activities held were Boot Campus, Volunteering Fair, Sustain Lab and different activities related to the Sustainable Campus concept.

Sustainable WEEK 2017

The second Sustainability and Social Responsibility Week included entertaining activities such as an outdoor showing of a movie, a volunteering fair, novel presentations such as Challenge 20×20 – Pecha Kucha format, and an academic panel discussion about the emergency resulting from the Coastal El Niño phenomenon.

Sustainable WEEK 2016

During the first Sustainability and Social Responsibility Week, activities included an outdoor showing of a movie, the 1st University Sustainability and Social Responsibility Forum and the Volunteering Fair. All of these activities were geared toward fostering reflection by the USIL community about sustainability and disseminating the SDG and the challenges of dealing with these issues.

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