Concentration in Sustainability and Social Responsibility

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USIL is the only university in Peru that offers students in every undergraduate program the opportunity to graduate with a concentration in Sustainability and Social Responsibility with the major of their choice. That is, USIL students can take specialized courses in Sustainability and Social Responsibility and obtain a certificate of concentration in this area from USIL, which gives them a distinct advantage in the national and international job market.

The concentration in Sustainability and Social Responsibility consists of four elective courses, in which students develop skills for dealing with social responsibility issues from different perspectives with a sustainable development vision and approach. Students may decide to take from one to four courses in this specialization, depending on their interests in relation to their fields. The academic coordinator provides educational support for the courses in the concentration in Sustainability and Social Responsibility. For this purpose, he/she constantly reviews S & SR trends to improve syllabus content and the organization of academic events, so that students receive relevant, current information for their professional lives.

Specialized Courses

Fundamentals of Sustainable Development

The proposal of innovative solutions to problems caused by companies that generate wealth in a non-sustainable manner is studied. Students strengthen their ability to create and promote sustainable business activities with social, economic and environmental criteria.

Social Responsibility Management

This course covers the optimal management of any organization’s resources, with economic, social and environmental accountability. Students will learn what social responsibility is about and which tools can be used to implement it.

Design and Assessment of Social Responsibility Projects

What are the tools for planning, designing and managing a social responsibility project in companies? In this course, students will learn the basics for developing these concepts and creating value in the business world.

Social Responsibility and Public Policy

In this course, students learn how to execute social responsibility projects aimed at improving people’s quality of life, using public policy and the methodology of the national public investment process as a frame of reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

The concentration is open to students in all USIL undergraduate programs. The four courses that make up the concentration are electives and complement a student’s major.

The concentration consists of four courses:

  • Social Responsibility Management
  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Development
  • Design and Assessment of Social Responsibility Projects
  • Social Responsibility and Public Policy

The only requirement is having earned 120 academic credits, with the exception of the Social Responsibility and Public Policy course, for which the prerequisite is Design and Assessment of Social Responsibility Projects.

To obtain the certificate, you must take the four courses in the concentration and earn passing grades. 

The concentration complements students’ education, giving them knowledge, skills and tools to apply in their professional and private lives with a sustainability and social responsibility approach. Our goal is for our students to be able to make professional and/or personal decisions considering their social, environmental and economic impacts.

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