To the San Ignacio de Loyola Education Corporation, sustainability is a tangible commitment to the sustainable development of Peru and the world, through the implementation of a comprehensive management model that ensures the best possible social, environmental and economic impacts of all our operations, as we provide high-quality educational service to shape responsible, ethical, empathetic citizens capable of proposing sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit society.

Within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the challenge of achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, USIL joins in the global commitment. Like UNESCO, we recognize that improving access to a high-quality education will transform society and help people develop the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors necessary for sustainable development, and invite  individuals to be responsible actors that overcome challenges, respect cultural diversity and contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable world.[1]

The Office of the Vice President has three strategic areas: the area of academic and research management, the area of social impact management and the area of environmental impact management.  They work in a coordinated manner to obtain positive, tangible results that contribute to the mission and vision of the Office of the Vice President of Corporate Sustainability and of the corporation.

[1] From the UNESCO website: es.unesco.org/themes/educacion-desarrollo-sostenible


To manage the social, environmental and economic impacts of all our operations optimally, providing a high-quality educational service by shaping citizens capable of proposing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Peru and the world.


To be an education corporation that leads in sustainability at the local and regional level